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For more than a decade the staff at AQC Services Inc. have been installing, maintaining, and repairing central air conditioning systems for Cook and DuPage County customers. Today's modern central air conditioning systems require a trained professional to troubleshoot and repair.

We are an Armstrong Air Conditioning dealer, and we have invested in the training, parts, and equipment necessary to professionally repair and maintain all current AC brands and systems.

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Signs You Need the Help of a AC Expert

  • Lack of Proper Maintenance
  • Improper Sizing or Installation
  • Wiring Issues
  • Condensation issues and water leaks

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Air Quality Control offers 24/7 Service

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If your AC system is fine today but you want to make sure you're ready for summer weather, consider our pre-season tune-up program. We’ll schedule a complete system check to ensure you are ready for the cooling season. Click here for details.

If you’re considering a air conditioning system, we offer free estimates for new AC systems. Click here for more information about our high efficiency Armstrong AC systems.

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Air Quality Control - What We Do

We've been helping the residents and business owners of Chicago and the North Suburban communities for years. We specialize in providing cost-effective solutions for our clients comfort needs.

Need new equipment installation, repairs or maintenance for existing heating and ac units, or any other HVAC service we're here to help. Give us a call at 773-387-9104 to schedule your service or get a free quote today.

Air Quality Control offers 24/7 Service

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Sometimes the Problem Is Something Simple

  • Is the power off?
    • Check your circuit breaker for your outdoor condenser to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your air conditioning system does have power. Also check the outdoor disconnect typically mounted next to your outdoor unit to ensure that it is "ON".
  • How is your thermostat set?
    • Make sure that your thermostat is set to "ON" and the desired temperature is set well below current room temperature.
    • If your thermostat requires a disposable battery to operate, change it now.
  • Is your AC split is running, but it seems like it is not cooling as well as it should? If your indoor coil and refrigerant lines have a substantial accumulation of ice or frost, it is likely that you have inadequate airflow.
    • Are the filters in your indoor furnace or air handler dirty? Check them, and clean or replace them if necessary.
    • Make sure that most grills and registers throughout your conditioned space are open and free of obstructions.
    • Make sure that the coil on your outdoor unit is free of significant debris that could imped airflow. Clean the coil if it is possible to do so without damaging the coil in any way.

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Explore flexible financing options with Wisetack. Get approved today!

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Air Conditioning Repair Issues

A surprising number of air conditioning problems are caused by improper maintenance or poor installation. Many local air conditioning systems are installed by inexperienced contractors or even DIY. However, inexperience can lead to problems that only a Pro can fix:

  • Lack of Proper Maintenance :
    • Cleanliness makes a big difference! Reductions in cooling capability over time are often caused by dirty indoor filters or coils. Keeping indoor air filter clean is very important and failure to do so can result in more serious issues like coil damage.
    • Capacity reductions can be caused by debris causing a dirty or clogged outdoor coil.
  • Improper Sizing or Installation Can Cost Money!
    • An improperly sized system can cause wide temperature swings or poor performance. If your system is bigger than it should be, it will short cycle, particularly on milder days and will not properly control humidity.
    • Wiring Issues: An improperly size electrical circuit to your AC condenser can cause dimming lights and nuisance breaker trips.
    • Refrigerant piping and refrigerant loss: Improper refrigerant pipe can cause efficiency reductions of refrigerant loss over time. If you notice your air conditioner has reduced system capacity over time it may be the result of system refrigerant loss from mechanical damage in improper installation.
    • Condensation issues and water leaks: During cooling condensation is created on the indoor coil and is removed through a drain pan to a refrigerant pump or gravity drain. If the coil is improperly installed, or if the condensate pump or drain has failed, water can spill out onto the furnace or air handler and the floor, or even inside concealed spaces causing mold or property damage.

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