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For more than 10 years the staff at AQC Services Inc. have been installing, maintaining, and repairing ductless mini split heat pumps for Cook and DuPage County customers.

Although the installation of mini split heat pumps is easier than traditional HVAC systems, errors in application or installation can result in unsatisfactory results. Given their advanced technology, our profession experienced technicians are uniquely qualified to help you with your mini split problems.

Mini Split Tips
Signs You Need the Help of a Mini Split Expert

  • System Design Problems
  • Improper Installation Issues
  • Maintenance Problems
  • Improper Supply Voltage Wiring

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Planned Seasonal Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Program

If your mini-split heat pump is fine today but you want more peace of mind, consider our seasonal maintenance program. Either once or twice a year, we’ll schedule a complete system check to ensure your system is ready for the cooling or heating season.

If you’re considering a new mini-split heat pump system, we offer free estimates for new system installations. Click here for our details on our Mitsubishi mini split systems.

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We've been helping the residents and business owners of Chicago and the North Suburban communities for years. We specialize in providing cost-effective solutions for our clients comfort needs.

Need new equipment installation, repairs or maintenance for existing heating and ac units, or any other HVAC service we're here to help. Give us a call at 773-387-9104 to schedule your service or get a free quote today.

Air Quality Control offers 24/7 Service

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Sometimes It's The Simple Stuff

Ductless heat pumps almost seem like magic. So if all of a sudden they are not performing as you expect the solution might not be as complicated as you might assume:

  • Is the power off?
    • Check your circuit breaker for your outdoor unit to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat pump system does have power.
    • Check the outdoor disconnect typically mounted next to your outdoor unit to ensure that it is "ON". If your breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  • Are your system hand-held remotes or thermostats ok?
    • Check the battery in your hand held remotes and replace them now.
    • Make sure that at least one zone is set to "ON" and the desired temperature is set well below ambient for cooling operation, or well above ambient for heating.
    • Is there a clear line of site between your hand held remote and the IR receiver on the indoor unit? If not, correct the issue.
  • "Defrost" mode in heating operation may be active?,
    • If you are operating in the heat mode, you might be in defrost mode. If so wait a few minutes for your system to complete its defrost cycle.
  • Your mini split is running, but it seems like it is not working as well as it used to?
    • Are your indoor unit filters dirty? Check them, and clean them know if necessary.
    • If your heating mode and it's been snowing lately, make sure the base of your outdoor coils are free of accumulated snow. Please note: DO NOT attempt to mechanically remove snow or ice from the outdoor coil itself as you will damage the coil.

If your mini split heat pump isn't working properly, call us. Our EPA certified, licensed, and factory-trained team of heat pump technicians guarantee on time done right service.

When You Need A Professional Call Us:

If your mini split heat pump is still off or running improperly call us. Surprisingly, the most common problems with mini split heat pumps are system design, installation by careless or unqualified people, or lack of regular maintenance.

  • System Design Problems:
    • Sizing any HVAC system properly is extremely important. If the system, or any one indoor unit is too small it will fail to properly heat or cool in extreme weather. If it is too big, it will cycle on its lowest output and fail to properly dehumidify.
  • Improper Installation Issues:
    • Refrigerant Leaks or Improper Lineset Installation: Improper installation or mechanical damage of refrigerant lines can cause slow leaks of system refrigerant or restrictions that can prevent proper refrigerant flow. Refrigerant loss will cause reduced capacity over time typically within in the first year or two of installation. Crimps or lineset obstructions will result in immediate capacity issues with one or more indoor zones.
    • Improper Supply Voltage Wiring: Undersizing the wire or breaker for the outdoor unit can result in dimming lights throughout the home at condenser start-up, or phantom nuisance failures.
    • Improper control wire type, or improper placement can result in electrical interference being picked up by the control wire between the outdoor and indoor units that can case random failures.
    • Water Leaks: Condensation is created during cooling operation at the indoor unit(s). Water leaking from an indoor units is caused by the unit being installed out of level, or crimped or improperly installed condensate lines.
  • Maintenance Problems:
    • Dirty indoor or outdoor coils: During operation, indoor air filters should be cleaned every few weeks. If these filters are allowed to become obstructed, you will notice that system capacity will decline, and the blower noise will seem louder than normal. This may also result in the need to thoroughly clean an indoor unit coil and blower that has been run with a dirty filter too long.
  • System Design Problems:
    • Particularly on system that have been operating for a few years or more, components can sometimes fail. A noisy outdoor unit may indicate a motor, compressor, or reversing system failure.

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