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At AQC Services Inc., our heating techs have decades of experience installing and repairing gas furnaces for our friends and neighbors. The good news is that modern gas furnaces are much more comfortable and efficient than in years past. The challenge is that they are more complicated to service and repair.

We offer emergency gas furnace repairs for both residential and commercial applications around the clock. Our top-rated, licensed and insured heating techs service gas furnaces from manufactures including Armstrong, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Trane, York and more.

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Signs You Need the Help of a Furnace Expert

  • Ignition failures or flame proving problems
  • System venting and combustion air
  • Blower Motor Failures
  • Do you see water where it does not belong?
  • Heat exchanger issues

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Recognizing the challenges of extreme weather in Chicago and North Suburban communities, our team at AQC Services Inc. specializes in cost-effective solutions. Clients are our number one priority, and we'll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work.

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We've been helping the residents and business owners of Chicago and the North Suburban communities for years. We specialize in providing cost-effective solutions for our clients comfort needs.

Need new equipment installation, repairs or maintenance for existing heating and ac units, or any other HVAC service we're here to help. Give us a call at 773-387-9104 to schedule your service or get a free quote today.

Air Quality Control offers 24/7 Service

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Top Ten Furnace Problems:

Ok, so todays gas furnaces are more than a pilot light and a heat exchanger. However, if your gas furnace is not performing as you expect the solution might not as complicated as you might assume:

  • Is your gas supply turned on?
    • Have you paid you gas bill lately?
    • Make sure that a manual gas shut-off valve is not turned off between the meter and your gas furnace. This is typically a ball valve beside the furnace cabinet.
  • Are your controls set properly for what you want to do?
    • Is your thermostat set to HEAT mode and set below current room temperature?
    • Does your thermostat have aa replaceable battery? Change the battery now.
    • Is your thermostat electronically programmable. If so, review it's programming to ensure that your thermostat is properly set-up.
  • Your gas furnace needs electrical power to operate. Does it have power?
    • Is the breaker and the emergency switch for your gas furnace turned on? * There is often and thermal fuse above the furnace in the mechanical space: is that properly in place?
  • Your furnace needs proper airflow to operate properly.
    • Are your air filters clean? It is critical that you change your air filters at least once or twice every year.
    • Make sure that most grills and registers throughout your conditioned space are open and free of obstructions.

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When You Need The Help Of A Furnace Pro

We're here to help with any gas furnace problems your experiencing in the greater Chicago Metro area. Common gas furnace problems that require a Pro include:

  • Ignition failures or flame proving problems:
    • If you have an older furnace it probably has a pilot light. If it goes out frequently it might need cleaning or replacement.
    • If you have electronic ignition, it is probably either an intermittent pilot, or a hot surface ignition system. These component may fail to light the furnace, or may cause the furnace to light, but then go out a few seconds after ignition.
    • If you have a more modern 80% furnace, or any condensing 90%+ furnace, it has a draft inducer. This motor needs to start and run properly at a call for heat. If it does not start, or runs improperly at system start-up, this will case a no-heat failure. It is typically caused by a inducer failure, a pressure switch failure, or an obstructed vent system.
    • The furnace burners need to be properly alined and free of corrosion for trouble free operation.
  • System venting and combustion air:
    • For safety and reliability, proper furnace venting is critical. Improperly vented gas equipment can leak deadly carbon monoxide into your home. If you have an older non-condensing furnace, you have a chimney or b-vent system that terminates through the roof. All of this metal venting needs to be properly secure and free of corrosion.
    • If you have a 90%+ condensing furnace, your system probably has a plastic venting system including an air intake that terminates out the sidewall for through the roof. This venting needs to be sized properly, properly pitched, and supported. The termination needs to be configured properly, particularly for sidewall venting.
  • Blower Motor Failures:
    • Does your furnace light, but the blower does not come on? Perhaps you have a failed blower motor, fan switch, or blower door safety switch.
    • Does the blower come on as it should, but there is a new vibration or noise associated with operation?
  • Do you see water where it does not belong?
    • If you have a condensing furnace, it produces water as a byproduct of combustion. If this is accumulating in the vent system, or not draining properly it can cause intermittent failures and damage to your home.
    • If you have a chimney vented furnace and there is evidence of moisture in the chimney or flue pipe it may indicate that your vent system is improperly sized.
  • Heat exchanger issues:
    • Your gas furnace heat exchanger protects your family from extremely dangerous carbon monoxide so it must be checked to ensure that it is sound and safe. If you notice any unusual odors, or if any corrosion or cracks are observed in your heat exchanger you MUST immediate turn your furnace off and call for help!

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