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AQC Services Inc. is locally owned with staff that has decades of experience installing and repairing of HVAC systems for residential or commercial applications. A newer and exciting choice for the Schaumburg, IL area are cold weather ductless heat pumps from industry leader Mitsubishi.

Whether you need an HVAC for an addition to your home, or a complete efficient heating and cooling system, our factory trained, EPA Certified, licensed and insured technicians have to experience necessary to help you determine if a Mitsubishi ductless system is right for you. And if you decide a mini split is for you, you can be confident that your new system is sized and installed properly and will provide decades of efficient comfortable performance.

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What's Different About Mini Split Heat Pumps:
AQC is Your Local Heating & A/C Expert

Ductless mini split heat pumps have become popular in recent years throughout the Chicago metro area. When compared with typical existing HVAC equipment, or modern ducted heating and cooling they offer truly unique operating features:

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  • Efficiency:
    • Older Systems: Cooling SEER ratings of 8.0 or less and heating AFUE ratings of 70% or less. Heat pumps are not an effective choice for heating.
    • Modern Central Ducted Systems: Cooling SEER up to 20.0 with AFUE ratings of up to 97%. Central hat pump HSPF efficiency up to 10.0.
    • Ductless Mini Splits: Cooling SEER ratings of up to 33.1 and heating HSPF ratings of up to 13.5. This is vastly more efficient than even modern central ducted system.
  • Cold Weather Performance:
    • Older Systems: Ducted heat pumps that are more than a decade old where not capable of offer efficient heating below about 40°F.
    • Modern Central Ducted Systems: Modern central heat pumps offer rated capacity at 47°F and operation to 0°F. However in greater Chicago they almost always require a "dual fuel" system incorporating a gas furnace of other alternate heat source to supplement heating capacity in very cold weather.
    • Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps: With Mitsubishi's cold weather heat pumps, full rated capacity is available to 5°F and efficient performance to -13°F making these systems a true all weather performer.
  • Configuration and Zoning:
    • Older Systems: Furnace or air handler, combined with chimney and ductwork require substantial interior mechanical space and framing provisions to properly install. Single stage, single zone: noisy, inefficient, and uncomfortable during more extreme weather in both winter and summer.
    • Modern Central Ducted Systems: Furnace or air handler, combined with chimney and ductwork require substantial interior mechanical space and framing provisions to properly install. Available in modulating output, and with simple zoning.
    • Ductless Mini Splits: Single zone, or up to 8 individually controlled indoor zones with a single outdoor unit. No interior mechanical space or ductwork required with connections only requiring a 3" diameter lineset between outdoor and indoor unit(s). Interior configurations include wall, floor mounted, ceiling cassette, mini ducted, or conventional duct systems.
  • Indoor Air Quality:
    • Older Systems: Little or no air filtration or other air quality provisions. Single stage cooling results in poor levels of summer dehumidification.
    • Modern Central Ducted Systems: Fully variable speed blowers or two stage constant torque gas furnace options result in better IAQ performance and better dehumidification.
    • Ductless Mini Splits: Fully inverted driven system provide fully modulating performance throughout the Mitsubishi product line. Extremely precise temperature control the unmatched humidify control and standard onboard air filtration.
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